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April 18 2014


Maurice Fred Sines and James Crickmore


Awesome Fun Day at Hayes Country Park

Maurice Fred Sines and James Crickmore will be the co founders of Brighter Sines, a company that runs fun day events. - maurice fred sines
On Saturday 28th September, using their support and hosting, Brighter Sines held an exciting visit to Hayes Country Park. The park is well set with Waterside Park plus a very inviting outlying. It has several onsite facilities. Its located just 5 minutes drive far from Woodham Ferrers and it is next to the historic Chelmsford.

On this kind of day you will find usually various events such as the Cash Grabber challenge, Bungee Run Inflatable, Penalty Shoot Out among many. There were quite a good number of fun events at Hayes Country Park. There was expectedly Food Court and children�s activities to occupy people up until the top level, the important amazing traditional �hounds and hare� balloon race, with the big balloon is the perfect hare.
With more than 60 tickets sold, Maurice Fred Sines and James Crickmore, the co founders of BrighterSines, had the pleasure of releasing the balloons at 4pm on the day. The important balloon was, because the rule, given a quick jump start. In minutes, the 60 smaller balloons started going after it.
The goal of the race is always to tag along the big balloons course and after it lands, drop a bag of birdseed as near towards the landing point as you possibly can. The one that gets closest to the important balloon is declared the winner with the race.

After a great deal of anticipation the participants started streaming back.
And from the 60, Barbara Woods was lucky being declared the wedding champion.

She was awarded a cash prize of Fifty pounds, money that she happily chose to split between her two lovely grand children.

Final Thoughts

May possibly not are already a very sunny day but a minimum of it had been fair enough as it didn't rain.

Our participants were overjoyed from the fun. They later sent us cards, notes and posters.

We're available to such gestures from people. We are always happy to show people who we could help them through fun. We are able to however employ more awareness, so please help us get more tasks completed publicity. This is just what would consequently help us help our neighbours. Charity begins in the home, with our children. - maurice fred sines

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